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Are you in need of a Orange County Juvenile Court Attorney?  Mark Gallagher is an experienced Orange County juvenile court attorney, who can defend you against charges pending against you. He has a track record of successfully defending clients in juvenile courtrooms throughout Southern California.


Juvenile Courts in California are divided into two main categories, delinquency and dependency.   Delinquency cases are prosecuted under Welfare and Institutions Code or "WIC" 602.  Dependency cases proceed under WIC 300.


This type of case begins when a minor commits a crime.   If the minor is caught, the minor is arrested or "detained" and placed in juvenile hall or released to his or her parents.   If the minor is not caught, an investigation by law enforcement may begin.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that because the child is under the age of 18, there will be no criminal penalties.  This could not be farther from the truth.  In today's court system the punishment for juvenile crimes can often exceed the punishment for the same or similar crimes by an adult.

If your child is currently in custody you need to CALL NOW.  If you have received a notice in the mail that you need to appear in Juvenile Court or meet with a probation officer, CALL NOW before your child ends up in custody.

If your child was detained by the police and released to your care, or if your child was involved in criminal activity, don't make the mistake of thinking the case is over.  Law enforcement will continue to investigate and you may be getting a letter in the mail in the near future requesting the dreaded Court appearance or meeting with probation.  Don't hesitate to get legal advice now about we can stop this case before it starts.

Attorney Mark A. Gallagher and his associates have successfully represented many juvenile clients.  Give your child a chance at a future with a clean record and call us today.


This type of case begins when your child or children are removed from your home by Child Protective Services or "CPS".   The children are then placed in a shelter or foster care and a court case begins.   In some cases, the children can remain in your care while the case proceeds.  These cases are extremely complex and some of the most difficult cases to handle.   Any parent will agree that having your children taken away is the worst possible punishment.

If your children or the children of a loved one have been interviewed or removed by CPS, call us now before it's too late.   The current dependency court system allows for the court to terminate your parental rights permanently and place your children for adoption in as little as 120 days from the date they are declared dependents.

The Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher handle CPS cases all over Southern California.   We have experience in the dependency courts in Orange County (Lamareux Justice Center in Orange), Los Angeles County (Edmund D Edleman's Court in Monterrey Park), Riverside County (Juvenile Court off Tyler on County Farm Road), and San Bernardino County.

Call now to find out how we can develop a strategy to get your children out of the system and bring them home. For an experienced Orange County Juvenile Court Attorney, call Mark office today at 800-797-8406.
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